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7-on-7 Football Fundraising Campaign

7-on-7 Football Fundraising

7-on-7 football is a breakout sports sensation that’s taking America by storm. Once played almost exclusively as a way for tackle football players to sharpen their skills, it now has leagues and events of its own. As 7-on-7 gets bigger and more popular, it’s only natural that teams and organizers need ways to raise money.

Whether you’re affiliated with a team, a league, or an event, Our Fundraising Hub has the solution.

7-on-7 Coaches, Athletic Directors, and Organizers Reach Their Fundraising Goals Here

Our Fundraising Hub is a labor of love by professionals from diverse backgrounds. What we all have in common is our passion for helping our community. Coaches, organizers, teams, and athletes use Our Fundraising Hub to collect thousands of dollars from supporters – helping them with uniforms, travel, and much more.

Old-fashioned face-to-face fundraising might not be viable for another year, but you need money now. Our Fundraising Hub lets anyone in your organization launch, monitor, and promote a virtual fundraiser. It’s easy to spread the word on social media with your campaign page right on our fast and secure website.

From one end of the country to the other, teams are making up for lost time with Our Fundraising Hub!

Why Our Fundraising Hub Is the Ideal Answer to Sports Fundraising Challenges in 2021

To raise money, you need more than the love of the game. We provide incentives that get people involved.

Our team has curated a unique assortment of luxurious gift items. Your supporters will be glad to purchase them for family, friends, or personal use. With every purchase, your campaign collects a part of the proceeds. And there’s no need to wait: Funds generally become available in just seven days.

Organizations large and small have found our fast, secure platform and high quality products to be the winning combination for raising the money they need in as little as one month. From 1,800-thread count microfiber bed sheets to fine Turkish towels and robes, we offer the perfect gifts for any occasion or recipient.

You Can Launch Your Campaign in Seconds with Our Fundraising Hub

Get started with Our Fundraising Hub and you might wonder how you ever did without it. Supporters are free to buy from you again and again, helping you stay on firm financial footing – it’s like cleats for your finances. Contact us to learn more or get started today.

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