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Common purchase queries answered

Orders and Shipping

Orders are shipped via USPS within 2-3 business days of your purchase. 

During your checkout, you can simply check the box to create an account.  Or you can register for an account here.

If your order has not shipped, please give us a call on 302-202-5401.  If you have not made a purchase yet, then please update your shipping address in your account here.

In your account, you can click on orders to see the most recent notes on the status of your order.  An email is sent each time an update is made to your order. Please check your spam folder if you have not received an email from us.

Yes. We keep a token of your credit card to meet stringent security requirements of not maintaining the actual card numbers in our records.  This token is used to complete your future purchases

Yes, you are charge tax based on the zip code of the address where the merchandise will be shipped. 

Currently, we are only shipping to the United States.

If you order multiple quantities or place more than one order within 24 hours, then we will ship in one package. 

If you need to swap an item

Returns and Exchanges

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.  Please contact us and provide your order number, so we can quickly handle your request.

Since there are many reason for ordering or receiving the wrong item, we asked that you contact us and provide your order number so we can determine the best next step. 

Please contact us and provide the details of the condition.  We will work with you to replace the item as soon as possible. 

We have different warehouses throughout the US. Please contact us and provide your order number so we can have your return go to our closes warehouse. 

Yes, we are here to support your needs. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

If you notice it before the item ships, please contact us to let us know.  If it is after the shipment has been mailed, we will work with you on getting your items to you as soon as possible. 

Yes, please contact us as soon as you make the decision to cancel. 

Our products will indicate if pre-ordering is available or not for that item. 

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All orders have a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Orders are shipped within 2-3 business days after order has been placed.

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