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Marinas and Boat Industry

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Turkish Textiles And Your Marina: Keeping Your Business Boat Afloat

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, though many are rightfully miffed at what leadership has decided is appropriate in the wake of 2020’s COVID-19. Regardless how you feel, there’s a high chance your marina has been losing money in the last year.

Again, shame is the wrong emotion–everyone’s in the same boat, pun-intended. The thing is, there’s a leak in that boat. A financial leak. If you can’t get it patched, you and everyone with you will be treading water to shore. What’s the move?

Well, given how uncontrollable this whole situation is, there’s an argument to be made that fundraising is the way to go. Many who are boating enthusiasts want to be out on the water as much as you do; it’s local legal restrictions that are stopping them. They want to help you out, but they don’t know how. Well, fundraising could be the answer.

How Do You Get Regular Customers To Help Support You?

The thing is, many people who own boats don’t want to just throw money at a marina; or a local parks and recreation division. They want to know if they support a cause, then that’s a good cause to support. So what makes sense is finding cross-over. That’s where Our Fundraising Hub comes in.

Many boat owners, marinas, and other nautical shops heavily feature Turkish textiles–those finely embroidered fabrics which have a functional and aesthetic quality. Any home benefits from a fine application of textiles. Boats and marinas represent an area of the market where such Turkish fabrics are quite popular.

At Our Fundraising Hub, you can start a fundraiser utilizing an eCommerce platform, then share that fundraiser. Reach out to social media influencers who specialize in nautical pursuits. Share your fundraiser across your own social media, and get your most loyal customers to do the same.

eCommerce Fundraising Could Keep Your Nautical Business Boat Afloat

By buying Turkish textiles through a fundraising eCommerce platform, local customers–and even non-locals who are philanthropically-inclined–can help your nautical operation stay afloat.

They can give you the resources you need to upgrade how you do business, so things are profitable again; or at least offset the losses which have impacted your business due to factors beyond your control.

If you haven’t looked into Our Fundraising Hub, Turkish textiles, and other options that can be purchased through this eCommerce outlet, it might be precisely the right move for your marina or other nautically-centered business.

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