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Bed Sheets by Our Fundraising Hub

Helping Others by Buying Bed Sheets

All around the country, people are discovering a great new way to give back through bed sheet fundraising. At a difficult time for everyone, these sheets offer Americans from all walks of life the opportunity to help out their family and friends. Small businesses, schools, churches, and more are making a difference.

Let’s look at some of the amazing ways families are helping families with sheet fundraising:

1. Give a Boost to Working Parents

With more women than ever leaving the workforce, every little bit helps families in need to manage the competing demands of work and childcare. New sheets are a great way to maintain the comfort of the home and support the deep, restful sleep that busy parents are so in need of.

2. Help Elders Manage COVID Stress

As high-risk individuals, many elders have been isolated from the rest of their community during the pandemic. For many long months, comfort may have been hard to come by. Soft, relaxing sheets help elders stave off insomnia and a variety of other sleep disturbances they are at high risk for.

3. Support Organizations Kids Need

From babysitters to tutors and everyone in between, childcare workers are doing a tough job. Bed sheets are a terrific gift for them and can also be helpful on the job. Each donation means one less thing they may end up having to pay for out of pocket to continue their work.

4. Reach Out to Your Neighbors

Not everyone has family and friends to help them through this difficult time. The sense of isolation caused by having few social connections can be much harder to bear without simple day-to-day interactions. Many people have been donating sheet sets to those in their community who might otherwise feel forgotten.

5. Surprise Those You’re Thinking Of

Many of us are in a situation where our own loved ones are very far away. In most cases it is no longer possible to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to be with those we care about. If this describes you, a set of beautiful new bed sheets is the ideal way to not only show you care, but to give the gift of comfort.

Who will you help today? Alone or together, bed sheet fundraising represents an opportunity to celebrate the connections that give meaning to our lives.

To find out more or get started, contact us today.

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