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Online Fundraising in 2021

Online Fundraising in 2021 with Our Fundraising Hub

For more than a year, traditional and online fundraising for community organizations has been at a standstill.

Many booster clubs, high school sports teams, bands, and 7-on-7 football leagues have struggled to make up their budget shortfalls. There’s hope on the horizon as vaccination rates climb, but you can’t wait until then: You need big solutions for fundraising in 2021. Not next week, not next month, but right away.

Our Fundraising Hub is here to help!

Built with you in mind, Our Fundraising Hub is the result of a collaboration between people from all walks of life who are passionate about helping communities thrive together. From senior executives to stay-at-home moms, our team has come together with one goal in mind: Helping you lead safe, effective virtual fundraisers.

Safe, Socially Distant Virtual Fundraisers Are a Must in 2021

From book drives to Krispy Kreme, traditional fundraisers fell flat in 2020.

Now, adults are getting vaccinated while kids have to wait. Indoor, multi-family gatherings continue to be risky for the foreseeable future. To raise much-needed funds, you’ll need to create fun and inclusive experiences that get people involved. Virtual fundraisers are the best way to square the circle.

Video calls for Online Fundraising with Our Fundraising Hub

With virtual fundraisers, you:

  • Can get everyone involved – parents, kids, coaches, and all the supporters in your community

  • Know what’s working – can see precisely how much money you’ve raised from what sources

  • Secure funds faster – often within just a few days instead of a month after your event is over

With no upfront costs and no need to go door-to-door, virtual fundraisers are the safe and savvy way to energize your organization and reach your goals. Our Online Fundraising Hub is the free and secure virtual online fundraising platform you can use to do it. Getting started is easy and your campaign is live in just a few minutes.

Once you use it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

How Our Fundraising Hub Makes Fundraising Fast and Fun in 2021

When it’s time to raise funds for your operations, you need something that gets everyone to the table.

Maybe it’s been tough getting your PTA newsletters to parents’ homes lately. Or maybe your high school sports team hasn’t been able to meet together for practice. Whatever the case, Our Online Fundraising Hub delivers with a proven approach to four- and five-figure virtual fundraising that helps bring people together.

We interviewed teachers, parents, coaches, student athletes and more to find out what works and what doesn’t. Then we carried that same spirit of inquiry to vendors from coast to coast, searching for the perfect products that people are glad to buy on behalf of their favorite local cause.

With our curated selection of quality gift items, proceeds from every purchase go directly to your organization. And you won’t find pens or refrigerator magnets here: We’ve gone the extra mile to discover products your donors will be glad to buy for their loved ones or keep for their own personal use.

Bed Sheets for everyone at Our Fundraising Hub

That includes:

Fine 1,800-Thread Count Bed Sheets

Sleep has been harder to come by during the pandemic. Let your loved ones rest easy with fine bed sheets. Many communities come together to gift bed sheets for those in need, including the elderly and those with newborn children. Your recipient will know you’re thinking of them and they aren’t alone in this trying time.

Turkish Towel

Turkish Textiles

In olden times, Turkish textiles were known the world over for their astonishing quality. As an enduring symbol of luxury, only the royal family could release textiles for sale or trade. That tradition lives on today with the hand-made Turkish towels, bathrobes, and more that your supporters can order on Our Fundraising Hub.

In a time of deep distress and uncertainty, comfort matters. Our Fundraising Hub helps you and your supporters make a statement: You can make others’ lives better while contributing to the financial future of organizations that make a difference. Whether it’s your favorite team or your favorite class, it’s all up to you.

Our Fundraising Hub Is the Easiest Online Fundraising Experience Around

Never led an online fundraiser before? First-timers make up the majority of our successful campaigners.

Our Fundraising Hub makes it easy to break into the world of online fundraising and realize its full potential. We take care of product selection, shipping, payment processing, and the logistics of any returns. You simply focus on what you do best – getting the word out – through your custom fundraising page.

It’s simple to share your page using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your other favorite social media.

You’ll be notified right away whenever your campaign makes a sale. Not only that, but you don’t have to wait to access your funds: They become available within just days, as soon as the buyer’s return window closes. That means no matter how urgent your needs are, you could have money in hand within days.

When customers visit, they’ll enjoy all the benefits of our fast and secure e-commerce experience. Transactions are protected by bank-grade encryption allowing popular credit card options like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Plus, shipping is always a flat $5 anywhere in the United States, no matter how much your supporters buy.

Everyone’s Getting In on the Act with Our Fundraising Hub

No matter if you have a team of 20 or just one volunteer, anyone can excel with Our Fundraising Hub:

Virtual Fundraisers That Really Work

1. PTA and Booster Clubs

By getting every class involved, your whole school wins! Promote your fundraiser with an online talent show or quiz night and watch the donations pour in. Whatever you can think of, Our Fundraising Hub makes it easier. Race to see which class or grade can raise the most money in 30 days!

Fundraising for High School Football Teams

2. High School Football

Uniforms, travel costs, and more – it’s not always easy being a student-athlete. Give your diehard fans a glimpse into their world with life advice from your favorite coach or in-person interviews with your athletes. Direct your fans to Our Fundraising Hub and they can get off the sidelines and get into the game, too!

Travel Team Competition and Our Fundraising Hub

3. Travel Sports

Every team’s home game is another team’s away game, so don’t delay looking for the best way to defray those costs. No matter if you’re with a team, a league, or a one-time event, Our Fundraising Hub is the tool you need to get back to a full calendar with no forfeits. Give your athletes, coaches, and families the score!

Marching Band fundraising idea

4. Marching Bands

Student musicians work hard for years to get to the big game, parade, or other events. It’s a capstone experience no one should miss out on – even one absence changes the way the whole band plays. Let your band members show their stuff and open the door to the support you need.

7-on-7 Football Fundraising

5. 7-on-7 Football

Once, 7-on-7 was just for players looking to sharpen their skills in “real” football. Now, it’s a phenomenon all its own. Across the country, 7-on-7 leagues are announcing 2021 events. Use Our Fundraising Hub to set the stage and you’ll encourage peak turnout and participation.

Click here to get started today. The team at Our Fundraising Hub looks forward to meeting you soon!

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