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Turkish Textiles

Customers have been so impressed with the quality of our bed sheets that they’ve asked what other home textiles we can offer. To meet that request, we’ve added some of the finest cotton textiles available.

Throughout the ancient world, Turkish textiles were known far and wide to represent the luxury and splendor of the wealthiest kings. Textiles were property of the royal family and could be sold only with their blessing. Centuries of remarkable craftsmanship went into the towels used in the legendary bathhouses.

These 100% cotton hand-woven Turkish textiles are still produced today according to the strict standards, which were never reproduced elsewhere in the world. They also meet the European Union’s stringent eco-friendly regulations by being certified Azo-free. Now, you can enjoy this legacy of unmatched quality at an affordable price. We offer towels, robes, blankets, and more woven according to the fine standards of Turkish textiles.

Hand and Kitchen Towels

Bath and Beach Towels

Blankets, Throws, and Robes

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