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Covid Friendly Fundraising Ideas

Covid-Friendly Fundraising Ideas

Schools, sports teams, and nonprofits all throughout your community need COVID-friendly fundraising ideas to thrive. There’s a lot of good news these days about vaccinations, but it might be another whole year before traditional fundraisers are back in full swing! In so many cases, important causes just can’t wait.

But what does it mean to have truly COVID friendly fundraising ideas?

Some things that contribute to COVID friendly fundraising ideas are:

  • No gathering in groups or knocking on doors to make your fundraising events work
  • No offering food, since many people are avoiding food they didn’t buy or cook
  • Finding new ways to connect with enough people to reach your fundraising goals
  • Making sure your new fundraising concepts have a positive effect on those around you

Some groups have had great results rethinking their traditional fundraising events to bring them online. For example, a virtual walkathon allows organization to gather donation based on the distance they pledge to walk, but without getting together to walk at the same time or place.

Shoe drives have also gotten popular as COVID friendly fundraising ideas. During a shoe drive, you collect old sneakers and running shoes, which can easily be left at a convenient drop box. Many different organizations will accept the shoes and write a check for part of their value that can go right back to your cause.

Depending on what you want to fundraise for, it might be possible to collect more donations just by adding a donation page to your website, sharing it on social media, or using a platform like GoFundMe. Some “Facebook fundraisers” have been surprisingly successful – and also help keep the community connected.

Unfortunately, lots of online platforms can feel impersonal. They are usually designed to fundraise for specific, long-term goals, and you might find yourself losing a lot of money to fees. One simpler way to honor your community and the people in it is to start your own bed sheet fundraiser.

Launch a COVID Friendly Fundraiser Fast with Our Fundraising Hub

Our Fundraising Hub lets you start a safe, simple COVID-friendly fundraiser in minutes. You can raise funds by offering bed sheets, Turkish towels, and other fine textiles. Your organization gets much-needed funding with every sale, and your supporters get great gifts they can enjoy or pass on to others in need.

To learn more or get started, just contact us!

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