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Receive $15 for each set of Bed Sheets and $4 for each Pillowcase purchased by your supporters at a social distance locally or nationally.

Social Distance Fundraiser

All around the country, people are discovering a great new way to give back through bed sheet fundraising. We have created an eCommerce system to make it easy for your organization to run a successful fundraising campaign.

A bed sheet fundraiser ia a healthy alternative to some of the typical products sold during fundraising campaigns. Kathy’s article here discusses some of the reasons why people will purchase bed sheets to help you raise money for your cause.

  1. You fill out the form on this page to notify us that you would like to start a fundraising campaign
  2. We email your unique campaign link that will look similar to this:
  3. Then you send the link above to your potential supporters asking them to purchase a set of bed sheets where $15 of the sale will be paid to you.  If they decided to purchase additional pillowcases, you will receive $4 for each sale.
  4. The purchase of items that are not bed sheets or pillowcases will be paid out as follows:
    $15 on all items $49.95 or higher
    $4 on all items below $49.95

When you use the link above to recommend organizations to Our Fundraising Hub, our system will automatically track and connect directly to you.

The up-to-the-minute activity will be visible on your dashboard. 

Our system also places a 30-day cookie on each visitor’s computer, so if a visitor you refer to us doesn’t purchase immediately and returns within 30 days, you will still receive the commission for the bed sheets they purchase.

We understand that you need the money from your supporters as soon as possible, so we have created the quick payout structure.

Knowing the majority of fundraising campaigns have a 21-day duration, we have created the following structure:

  • On the 14th day, we pay all referral commissions earned the first 7 days
  • On the 21st day, we pay the referral commissions earned between day 8 and day 14.
  • Then 7 days after the campaign ends, we pay the remainder.

This structure allows time for shipments to your supporters and for us to handle any potential returns that may impact the commissions earned. 

If you are the team leader, then please indicate it on the form.  

All team leaders will have an additional link in their dashboard to add team members to group. The link will look something like this:

New Organization Signup
Your username will appear at the end of your referral links:
E.g. 21 days
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