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Charter and Private Schools Online Fundraising

Charter or Private School Fundraising

In the fast-paced drive to adapt education to the pandemic, charter and private schools have often led the way with online fundraising.

Hard work and ingenuity have paid off for your classroom community. But as a decision-maker, you understand tough choices can result from today’s financial climate. It’s time to make up for months of missed fundraising with social distance fundraisers that really work – and that means Our Fundraising Hub.

Every Class Can See the Value of Their Efforts with Safe, Powerful Online Fundraisers

Teachers, parents, and students have been thrust into an all-new world of videoconferencing. Now, hope is on the horizon and kids are gathering in their familiar classrooms once again. But they can still use what they’ve learned over the last year to raise support from their community.

Our Fundraising Hub offers a streamlined and effective platform for orchestrating online fundraisers. Anyone can launch, monitor, and promote a campaign through social media. We take care of payment, shipping, and all the other “ins and outs,” and you can begin to access funds within just days of getting started.

Your students know and love social media. Now, they can turn their time spent on Twitter, Facebook, and even Tumblr to more productive ends. The more each class promotes your fundraiser, the more your school thrives.

How Our Fundraising Hub Makes Classroom Fundraisers Fun and Exciting Again

From donuts to books, students have used just about every fundraising concept under the sun to support the schools they love. But with in-person fundraisers still plagued by significant risks, they need fresh ideas to connect with their community. Our Fundraising Hub makes it possible.

With community connections across the country, our team has developed a curated selection of luxurious gifts. Every time a supporter makes a purchase from your unique fundraising page, your school collects a portion of the proceeds. Proceeds become accessible just seven days after a sale.

From 1,800-thread bed sheets to Turkish textiles drawing on a tradition of quality more than 1,000 years in the making, everything offered at Our Fundraising Hub is specially selected to help you reach your financial targets.

After all, what parent wouldn’t like to sleep easier on fine microfiber bed sheets or enjoy a moment of peaceful relaxation in a Turkish bathrobe? With prompt, $5 flat free shipping anywhere in the U.S., it’s an easy decision.

Learn more or get started today.

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