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Comfort is key to a memorable vacation experience.

Comfort is key at a Boutique hotel

Travel is sure to be up in the second half of 2021. Boutique hotels and Airbnb properties alike need new ways to stand out in a crowded field that’s even more competitive than before.

You might not have the legion of staff members a 5-star resort has, but you can deliver one of the most important promises of any successful hospitality property: Comfort. Comfort is key to a memorable vacation experience. And making your guests feel like a million bucks doesn’t have to mean spending that much.

With fine Turkish textiles and luxurious bed sheets, you have the advantage you need.

Bring a Sound Sleep to Every Guest with Fine Bed Sheets at Affordable Prices

In today’s hectic world, it’s not unusual for visitors to come a very long way for a sound sleep. No matter what else you have to offer, your property will be judged on comfort at night.

With Our Fundraising Hub, you can furnish your property with handcrafted 100% brushed microfiber bed sheets. With their remarkable 1800 thread count, the cares of the outside world will melt away. The breathable fabric is easy to care for, and using them is just like sleeping on a cloud.

Treat Your Guests Like Royalty with Turkish Textiles

In ancient times, Turkish textiles were recognized the world over as the hallmark of luxury and sophistication. Towels, blankets, robes, and more were made according to the exacting requirements of the royal court. Only the royal family had the authority to release any of these treasures for sale or trade.

The unparalleled standards of Turkish textiles survived for hundreds of years. They have now seen a resurgence – just in time to take center stage at your property. The towels are ideal for your bathroom or poolside. And the robes are so soft, your guests are sure to want some of their own.

Make More on Your Investment When Guests Order Their Own Textiles

With our products, your guests will be impressed – and you can make money, too.

Place a simple card in your bedroom or bathroom with a QR code leading to our site. Every time one of your guests makes a purchase, you’ll receive part of the proceeds. You don’t have to charge your guests a penny more, and they can help you keep your property going strong for years to come.

To get started, click on this link to begin the process of conducting a fundraising campaign with Our Fundraising Hub.

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