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Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)

HBCU are turning to Our Fundraising Hub

Historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have a long and storied history of stirring up support for the collective cause and coming together to pool resources. Generations of alumni have worked hard to survive societal setbacks and bring about change by dreaming big and doing great things like many of their famous HBCU almuni such as Thrugood Marshall, Zora Neale Hurston, Spike Lee, and Kamala Harris.

Dream and Dream Big

Your dreams might just not seem that big. You might imagine a glorious event for an upcoming homecoming celebration. You might even have envisioned a glamorous affair for a signature spring event. Your biggest obstacle might just be how to pull it off as part of small HBCU.

Typical Hurdles at Traditional HBCUs

Typically, HBCUs see a lot of funding pouring into athletics and academics. Generous donations made by alumni with an athletic backgrounds go to spruce up the stadium and the sports program. Other alumni support sustaining and strengthening the academic programming delivered at HBCUs. That’s what typically happens with fundraising on a larger scale at HBCUs. That’s where most of the dollars raised through fundraising efforts on HBCU campuses typically ends up directed and dedicated.

That does not have to remain the case going forward. You can get that homecoming weekend celebration going through our fundraising platform and tools. Use a dedicated fundraising page to receive donations towards that spring event that you imagined, gaining donated funds with every click of the mouse.

Help for HBCUs: Our Fundraising Hub

Other colleges have been utilizing fundraising elements online rather than on campus with some degree of success. Whether you are seeking support for school events or just trying to raise funds for the small on-campus drama club, you should consider how this fundraising hub can help you reach your fundraising goals. See what other colleges have done. 

Simple Setup and Social Media Sharing

By incorporating this fundraising program, you are not trying to offload a bunch of inventory. You are providing potential donors and sponsors a win-win opportunity to help you raise money for your cause while supporting the necessities of the poor and the needy.

Your role is simple: setup and share.

  1. Set up your fundraising page and start raising money.

  2. Share your fundraising page with all of your social media contacts.

Be sure to contact our team to get you started with raising funds for your projects and events.

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Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)

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