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Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce using Our Fundraising Hub to help locals

The chamber of commerce is a vital social institution. Today’s chambers of commerce facilitate investment and help communities flourish, supporting the American dream. During the pandemic, chambers of commerce have raised millions for philanthropic causes.

Our Fundraising Hub equips you to reach your fundraising goals in these tough times.

Help Businesses and Those in Need Thrive

An active chamber of commerce helps small businesses succeed and gives neighbors confidence in their local economy. But chambers need innovative ideas to raise money while staying safe. Our Fundraising Hub makes it easier to serve your community with a proven approach to social distance fundraising.

When your chamber starts a campaign through Our Fundraising Hub, the physical and financial logistics are all done for you. Product selection, payment, and shipping have been optimized for a seamless experience. Once your campaign is live, any of your member organizations can participate in seconds.

Our Fundraising Hub Makes Digital Fundraising Simple

Many communities face economic headwinds due to slowing vaccination rates, confusion about masks, and staffing shortfalls. Strong, involved chambers of commerce can cushion the financial blow without having to wait for traditional fundraising to resume – providing help today, not months down the line.

We give you access to a curated selection of products with proven demand. Every time one of your member organizations makes a sale, you receive part of the proceeds to reinvest as you choose. Since time is of the essence, you can even draw from proceeds multiple times before your event ends.

Here are some ways organizations like yours have used Our Fundraising Hub to make a difference:

1. Gift a Neighbor Campaign

We all know someone facing difficult circumstances in these pandemic times. A surprise gift of any of our luxurious selections can help buoy their spirits and provide money for charity – truly a gift that keeps on giving.

2. Cross-Sells and Upsells

With a wide range of popular housewares and a unique claim to quality, products from Our Fundraising Hub can be added to retailers’ promotions. That will build brand equity and serve customers better, all for a good cause.

3. Employee Bonuses

Employees are acutely aware of the risks they take when they interact with the public. An unexpected gift can make their lives easier and show them that employers care about their well-being, helping keep morale higher.

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