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Places of Faith

Helping the local community

All communities of faith are united by the desire to help others. Across the world’s great faith traditions, we are enjoined again and again to serve and care for those less fortunate.

Human compassion is priceless, but the urgent mission of outreach and aid for those in need becomes far more difficult without funding. Even those places of worship that have had no interruption in their ministry are finding it harder to roll out programs with far-reaching community impact.

At a time when suffering is greater than ever, houses of faith need fundraising options that are authentic and aligned with their mission of uplift. Our Fundraising Hub is here to provide you with the resources that work.

Our Fundraising Hub Enables Places of Faith to Serve

Our Fundraising Hub provides fundraising options congruent with your faith-based mission:

  • Our streamlined approach to fundraising means one person can effectively run a fundraiser

  • Our bed sheets and Turkish textiles help further your sacred duty to comfort the afflicted

  • You receive proceeds from all sales bi-weekly, helping you reach financial goals sooner

With Our Fundraising Hub, your congregants have a unique opportunity to raise money for worthy causes, including your own. With years of experience in fundraising for nonprofit organizations, we have developed a selection of low cost, high quality products that help newcomers lead successful campaigns.

Our team pioneered the bed sheet fundraisers that have allowed people all across the country to reach out to family, friends, and neighbors. With so many people isolated and separated from loved ones, our goal is to create fundraising experiences that foster connection.

As part of that call, we have recently introduced Turkish textiles in our fundraising products.

Today’s Turkish textiles are part of a cultural tradition that reaches back centuries. Once sought after around the world for their magnificent beauty, texture, and lightness, Turkish textiles can now bring comfort to those in your community, courtesy of craftspeople who uphold the painstaking quality standards of antiquity.

Let Us Help You Keep the Promises of Your Living Faith with Our Fundraising Hub

Gathering together for traditional fundraising puts congregants at risk, and door-to-door fundraising simply isn’t an option. Our Fundraising Hub makes it possible to join together in faith through simple, effective, and proven fundraising approaches. Our team will work with you so you can achieve your goals.

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