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Fundraising for High School Football Team

Fundraising for High School Football Teams

Before the onset of the pandemic last year, high school football teams across the country made thousands of dollars for their hometown athletic programs through fundraisers using luxury bed sheets. Since then, many programs have seen their fundraising sidelined as safety concerns loom large for parents and athletes.

Our Fundraising Hub enables your program to launch, monitor, and promote virtual fundraisers fast.

Get Back in the Game with a Proven Concept for Lucrative Football Fundraisers

Football is the quintessential American sport. From small towns to big cities, a high school football program brings parents, friends, and neighbors together in support of the home team. Now that your schedule is lighting up with practices and away games, it’s time to reconnect with your community and raise the funds you need.

Our Fundraising Hub makes it easy for athletic directors, coaches, or parents and other supporters to launch a successful digital fundraiser. It’s 100% online, socially distanced, and proven to work again and again. In just seconds, you can promote your campaign, make sales from a range of terrific products, and earn money.

Payment, shipping, and customer service are all handled for you so you can stay focused on gridiron goals.

Our Fundraising Hub Is the Winning Formula for High School Football Fundraising

How can high school football teams raise the most money in the shortest amount of time?

We have the answer you’ve been looking for.

We built Our Fundraising Hub as a safe, simple, and secure platform for virtual fundraisers that really work. And to be sure of it, we’ve curated a selection of luxurious gifts that practically sell themselves – especially to the parents who will make up the bulk of your supporters during your team’s fundraising season.

Our offerings include fine microfiber bed sheets with a head-turning 1,800 thread count. We’re also proud to offer Turkish textiles like towels and bathrobes – bringing a tradition of quality from ancient times back to your eager donors in the modern era. With every sale, a portion of proceeds goes to your team.

We strive to make sure every interaction is a great experience:

  • All purchases come with flat $5 shipping throughout the United States

  • 128-bit SSL secures all customer information with advanced encryption

  • No waiting until your campaign ends – funds become available in days

For a fundraising experience that all your fans will cheer for, just sign up today.

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