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Non-profit organizations use Our Fundraising Hub

Fundraising is at the lifeblood of most non-profits. Whether its a matter of sustainability or competitive edge, you face the challenge of developing a fundraising plan that fits these current times of lockdowns and quarantines, social distancing and contactless transactions. As the manager of a non-profit, you are expected to not only develop and implement a fundraising plan but also to oversee the effective usage of communications and marketing strategies of fundraising.

Innovation for Non-for-profits in Unprecedented Times

During the widespread pandemic, non-for-profits have been forced to adjust to remain both sustainable and solvent. You might have overcome one obstacle, and remain in need of an answer to help advance awareness of your cause in the midst of fundraising. You need to look at the features available through for an innovative solution for additional fundraising. Given the challenges of times such as these, this online platform provides some unique ways to involve others in giving to your non-for-profit.

Think Strategic Usage of Online Platforms

Through the online fundraising tool, it allows your potential donors to support your non-for-profit and help touch the lives of homeless families. This only truly works if you do your due diligence and do your part to share the fundraising tool with the right people in the right places.

How to Share with the Right People

You want to share this fundraising platform and your fundraising page with the people you have nurtured relationships with in your position.

  • Donor list

  • Direct mail recipient list

  • Newsletter recipients

  • Potential first-time smaller donor

How to Share in the Right Places

You will want to make sure that you are strategic in sharing your fundraising platform and page across a wide variety of online spaces and places.

  • Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter

  • Provide a link and introductory video on your non-for-profit’s homepage or website

  • Repurpose that same introductory video for your non-for-profit’s YouTube and/ or Vimeo channel

  • Email segmented audience from your contact list with the details of your fundraiser and the link to your platform fundraising page

Create a Win-Win for Donors

By giving greater details on the fundraising platform, you share the win-win of supporting your organization. Supporting your organization also provides bed sheets to needy families. Thus, the win-win of one donation supporting two efforts is a unique opportunity that is worthy of being shared with family members and close friends during this pandemic.

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