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Influencers understand the need for Our Fundraising Hub

A Situation Where Everybody Wins

Fundraising is one of those things that really doesn’t have much of a downside–especially if you’re a social media influencer. For example, say you work with a group like Our Fundraising Hub to help a local baseball team earn money by selling things like top-tier microfiber sheets with an 1,800 thread-count for softness and quality of design.

The team gets the resources they need to be at their best. Those who buy such sheets have a quality product that wicks away moisture while retaining comfort at a value worth the expense.

As an influencer, you become known as a charitable personality who is involved in community outreach–you legitimately help people who need it. It doesn’t hurt there’s a $4 bi-weekly commission per bed sheet, and 10% on other sold items.

Savvy Social Media Influencers Follow The Latest Charity Trends

Since Our Fundraising Hub is a newer operation which is becoming prominent in the wake of 2020’s crisis, savvy influencers on the cutting edge of cultural segues would do well to join the momentum.

Car washes, jewelry, or candy bars sold door-to-door aren’t possible now; but that doesn’t mean kids in elementary, middle, and high school shouldn’t be able to do the things American kids have been doing for generations.

Especially as the economy suffers under the lockdown and quarantine mandates, change the way even out-of-the-way communities function, the funding for such school programs has all but dried up. There has to be a solution, and something which co-opts social media seems tailor-made for the situation.

If You’re A Social Media Influencer, You’re A Celebrity

Today’s social media influencers are true celebrities. They’re not thought of that way, but this is the reality. What defines the polarity of a celebrity has shifted to influencers across social media. Prior to this shift, it was remarkable how much more popular celebrities would become when they embraced a given cause.

Owing to the positive PR they brought, not only did this increase their popularity with those in the center of the cause, it increased their popularity with their fan-bases in general. When you can see somebody like Jennifer Anniston support the Habitat For Humanity, suddenly she becomes a lot more likable.

That’s collaterally good for her career. But today’s celebrities aren’t movie stars, they’re Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube celebrities. Many of them have already realized how important it is to be involved with varying causes; you’ve likely seen this in the promotional materials they’ll focus on starting a video.

Doing Good Produces Positive Outcomes For Everyone

Our Fundraising Hub provides just the same sort of PR stimulation as that which came to the celebrities of yesteryear through varying charities. By many accounts, what’s available for social media influencers through Our Fundraising Hub produces the same or similar outcomes in an even better way.

If you’re a modern media influencer, the celebrities of modernity, you might look into Our Fundraising Hub, and the varying things they sell–like top-tier sheets–for sports teams, theater troupes, vocational agriculture clubs, and whatever programs define a given high school. It’s good for the kids, good for the community, good for those who purchase Our Fundraising Hub’s products, and good for you as a modern celebrity influencer.

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