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Spring Youth Sports

Spring Youth Sports use Our Fundraising Hub

The Fundraising Game: It Has Changed

Selling candy bars door to door, or doing car washes, aren’t viable fundraising options in 2021 owing to social distancing. If you want your team to have the resources it needs, it will be imperative to find other ways of getting money. Thankfully, eCommerce platforms like Our Fundraising Hub have risen to the challenge of answering this need. Say your goodbyes to car washes and candy bars, and prepare to greet your new fundraising avenue: bedsheets. We’ll explore more here.

How It Works

Sports teams can get involved with Our Fundraising Hub, and get money whenever someone buys a set of bed sheets. Essentially, you register your organization with Our Fundraising Hub, and you spread links like mad. Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Parler, Gab, TikTok, and all the others–these represent excellent avenues you can use to digitally go door-to-door.

Instead of knocking on the doors of businesses and houses, you share the link to your fundraising effort on the group pages, celebrity profiles, “like” pages, and personal profiles of those you think would be most likely to contribute. Then, when they buy bedsheets through the eCommerce platform in the link, your Little League team gets some of the money. Or your theater troupe, or your volleyball team, or those who cut through deep-blue water on the swim team.

Are The Products Worth it?

This is a selling point. One reason fundraising has worked in the past through things like candy bar, jewelry, and car wash sales is that the products and services used to generate funds have enough quality to make the donation worthwhile.

The same is true with pristine sheets through Our Fundraising Hub. With a thread-count of 1,800, they’re quite soft. Pockets eighteen inches deep make it easy to fit the sheets on most mattresses. Microfiber fabric breathes easy and wicks moisture away. In a phrase, these sheets are worth it.

Starting Your Modern Digital Fundraiser Today

Uncertain times don’t necessarily mean the end of the world; they just mean you’ve got to take a new approach to what used to be the common way of doing things. Today, that means looking at eCommerce platforms like Our Fundraising Hub for solutions. Sheet sales through social media and other online means of spreading eCommerce links can be your solution to giving your team the resources it needs to succeed.

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